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Place Your Christmas Order Online

Make shopping for your holiday baked goods easy by ordering in advance! 

We require 48 hours notice for online orders, however you can call 519 827-0008 ext 1 to place an order over the phone with the Bakery until 12 pm on Friday, December 22nd. For orders over $10 we require pre-payment. We will call you to confirm your order once we receive it, we can process orders by credit card (Visa, AMEX, and MasterCard) over the phone or you can arrange to pay in advance at the Bakery in person.

We strongly recommend pre-ordering  to ensure you get your favourite items!

All orders are for pick-up at the Bakery from Friday, December 22nd to Sunday, December 24th.

Unfortunately, holiday online orders are now closed. Please call the Bakery before 12 pm on Saturday, December 23rd if you would like to pick-up for Christmas Eve. 

Easter at With the Grain

Pre-order delicious baked goods for your Easter celebrations!  You can pick up your order from Friday, April 18th to Sunday April 20th.  We’ll have Easter treats beginning to pop up on our shelves starting the first week of April.  Call us at 519 827-0008 to order or for more information!



Rich and buttery whole-wheat dinner rolls are baked to a golden finish and packaged in a tray for easy re-heating from our bakery-cafe in guelph

Butter Rolls: rich and buttery whole-wheat rolls – 7.00

Hot Cross Buns: gently spiced currant rolls topped with vanilla icing – six for 8.50

Challah: traditional braided Challah with a golden crust and sesame seeds – 5.50

A sweet and soft yeast bread shaped in a large spiral. Glazed before baking to give it a rich brown crust. Made with eggs and real vanilla at the bakery in Guelph

Sweet Vanilla Challah: A holiday treat! egg bread enhanced with vanilla sugar and a vanilla egg glaze – 8.00


Rhubarb Pear Almond: a crumble pie full of chopped rhubarb and pears tossed in a cardamom and orange spiced sugar mixture, topped with an almond oat crumble and baked to golden brown. 4” tarts – 4.00, 9” pie – 14.00

Bumbleberry: a blend of sweet cherries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries with hints of ginger and orange flavours, beautiful and delicious! 4” tarts – 4.50, 9” pie – 15.00

Chocolate Ganache Tarts: flaky pastry crust filled with a rich, smooth ganache, topped with roasted almonds and dusted with cocoa. 4” tarts- 4.50


Shaker Lemon: sweet-tart lemon marmalade-inspired filling, made with whole organic lemons, free-run eggs, and sugar. 4” tarts- 5.00, 9” pies – 16.00

Shortbread Cookies:

Easter Eggs

Easter Cookies: classic vanilla shortbread with decorative royal icing.

Bunnies – 5.00, Eggs – 5.00, Chicks & Tulips Package – 6.00, and Small Eggs Package – 6.00

Lemon Shortbread and Maple Glazed Walnut Shortbread 6oz Pkg: Simple, pleasing variations of our buttery classic shortbread – 7.00/pkg

Other Baking:

IMG_1422 (Small)

Cupcakes: chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes decorated with festive pastel buttercream or our rich sour cream fudge frosting with spring flower toppers – 3.00 each

Coconut Cheesecake Square: creamy coconut cheesecake filling with a buttery oat coconut graham crumb base and a tangy sour cream topping – 4.25 each

chocolate buttercrunch toffee

Buttercrunch Toffee: the perfect gift of buttery, crisp toffee enveloped by white and dark chocolate; full of almonds and pecans – 8.00

Sponge Toffee (limited supply): melt-in-your mouth molten toffee pieces,dipped in pastel-coloured chocolate- 6.00


Thanksgiving Ordering 2013

All holiday orders are available for pickup October 11th, 12th, and 13th at the Bakery (295 Woolwich Street). Orders may be placed over the phone (519 827-0008) or in person at either the Café or the Bakery, we require 24 hours notice, and prepayment for orders over $10.00. In store credit will be given if you must cancel your order. Payment for orders can be made with a credit card over the phone, or in person at the Bakery. If orders are placed over the phone but you wish to pay in person, please make payment at the Bakery at least one day prior to the day you are picking up your order. Thank you for placing your holiday order with us!

Apple Crumble Pie

Pies & Tarts

Pumpkin Pie – Our rich pumpkin custard in a golden spelt flour crust is a holiday classic! Pies – $14 each, Tarts – $4 each
Autumn Harvest Pie – A blend of apple, pear, and plump cranberries with a crumble topping. Pies – $14 each, Tarts – $4 each
Bourbon Pecan Pie – One of our most popular pies in the fall! Pies each – $16, Tarts – $5 each
All of our pies are available with a spelt crust if ordered in advance; however, crumble topped pies will be double crusted if made using spelt.

freshly made butter rolls

Pumpkin Swirl Bread – A sweet bread flavoured with pumpkin and spices and rolled up like a cinnamon bun with a sugar filling. Finished with a streusel topping. $8 each
Butter Rolls – Our rich and buttery whole-wheat dinner rolls are baked to a golden finish and packaged in a tray for easy re-heating. $7 for a package of seven rolls

Brown Butter Spice Cake

Specialty Items
Pumpkin Cranberry Walnut Loaves – A spiced tea loaf studded with crunchy walnuts and tart cranberries. $7 each
Iced Pumpkin Cookies – One of our staff favourites! These cookies are soft and chewy and topped with a cream cheese frosting. $3 each
Brown Butter Spice Cake – Pumpkin spiced cake with a ginger-glazed nut topping and brown-butter cream cheese frosting. 8” cake (serves up to 12) – $45, 6” cake (serves up to 8) – $35, cupcakes $3.50 each
Pumpkin Cheesecake Squares – Subtly spiced creamy cheesecake on a buttery graham cracker base with a sour cream topping. $4.25 each
Apple Cheddar Handpies – Back again for the fall, these delicious treats are the perfect size to share with a friend! $5.50 each
Roasted Shallot & Port Cranberry Sauce – Add a bit of flavour to your dinner this year with our delicious version of this Thanksgiving classic. $8.50 each
Citrus & Cider Cranberry Sauce – A classic cranberry sauce with a hint of fresh apple cider. $7.50 each
Apple Pear Butter – A warm spicy blend of fall fruits, perfect for toast or with sharp cheeses. $7.50 each
Buttercrunch Toffee – This sweet and buttery treat is packaged up for easy gift giving! $8.00 per package

Easter 2013

We have both classic favourites and new treats available for Easter ordering this year!  Pick up for Easter orders is at the Bakery from March 29 – 31st, and we’ll be featuring our Easter specials in the weeks leading up to the holiday too.  Orders can be placed by phone, 519 827-0008, or at the Bakery in person.  We do require pre-payment for orders over $10, if you do need to cancel we will provide store credit for pre-paid orders.

Easter Features


Challah – Our traditional braided Challah with a golden crust and sesame seeds, $5.50

Sweet Vanilla Challah –  A special holiday treat! An egg bread enhanced with vanilla sugar and a vanilla egg glaze, $8.00

Butter Rolls – Our classic holiday rolls, rich and buttery, 7 for $7.00

Hot Cross Buns – Gently spiced currant rolls topped with vanilla icing, 6 for $7.00


Apple Pear Almond – A crumble pie full of sliced apples and pears that are tossed in a nutmeg, ginger, and sugar mix, then topped with an almond crumble, and baked to golden brown.  Available in 4” tarts, $4.00, and 9” pies, $14.00

Bumbleberry Pie –  A blend of sweet cherries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries with hints of ginger and orange flavours. Beautiful and delicious! Available in 4” tarts, $4.50, and 9” pies, $15.00

Chocolate Ganache Tarts – Flaky pastry crust filled with rich, smooth ganache, topped with our white chocolate almond bark. 4” tarts, $4.50 each

Shaker Lemon – Sweet-tart lemon marmalade-inspired filling, made with whole organic lemons, free-run eggs, and sugar. Available in 4” tarts, $5.00, and 9” pies, $16.00

Spelt crust available upon request for Apple Pear Almond pies & Bumbleberry pies

Shortbread Cookies

Our classic vanilla shortbread is buttery and crisp, hand-decorated with colourful royal icing

Large Bunnies – $5.00

Chicks & Tulips Package – $6.00

Large Eggs – $5.00

Small Eggs Package – $6.00

Baker’s Dozen Pack – 13 assorted coloured shortbread eggs (1 large and 12 small) nestled in a decorative package, $16.50

Lemon Shortbread Pack – a slight twist to our classic shortbread that brings a fresh, citrus quality which complements the rich butter base.  Beautifully wrapped for the perfect gift, $10.75


Coconut Cakes & Cupcakes – Light white cake flavoured with coconut milk and topped with buttercream and fluffly coconut.  Available in 6″ cakes for $25.00, 8″ cakes for $35.00, and cupcakes for $3.00 ea

Lemon Cakes & Cupcakes – A wonderful blend of sweet and citrus in both the cake and the buttercream icing, then finished with a piece of candied lemon. Available in 6″ cakes for $25.00, 8″ cakes for $35.00, and cupcakes for $3.00 ea

Mango Cheesecake Square – The tropical flavours of mango, lemon and orange create a light citrus filling which is finished with our tangy sour cream topping. $4.25 each

Buttercrunch Toffee – Buttery crisp toffee is enveloped by white and dark chocolate that is studded with almonds and pecans. $6.00

Sponge Toffee – Melt-in-your mouth molten toffee pieces dipped in pastel-coloured chocolate, $6.00