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Easter 2017

Easter products for pre-ordering will be available from April 14th – 16th.  Visit the Bakery or call us at 519 827-0008 to place your order!

hot cross buns for Easter holidaysweet-vanilla-challah


Butter Rolls: Rich and buttery whole-wheat rolls. 7 for $7.50
Hot Cross Buns: Gently spiced currant rolls topped with vanilla icing. 6 for $9
Sweet Vanilla Challah: A WtG holiday treat! Simple egg bread enhanced with vanilla sugar and a vanilla egg glaze. $9

      with the grain lemon meringue pies


Apple Cherry Pie: A harmonious blend of fruit with a double crust.  tarts – $4.50 each, pie – $16
Bumbleberry Pie: A blend of sweet cherries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries with hints of ginger and orange flavours.  Beautiful and delicious! tarts – $4.50 each, pie –$16
Lemon Meringue Pie: Smooth, tart lemon curd topped with lightly caramelized meringue. tarts – $5 each, pie – $18
Chocolate Ganache Tart: Flaky pastry crust filled with rich, smooth ganache; topped with toasted almonds and dusted with cocoa. $5.00 each

mini shortbread easter eggs from With the Grain bakeryshortbread bunnies from our bakery in guelph, ontariolemon-and-maple-shortbread

Shortbread Cookies

Classic Vanilla Shortbread: Our buttery shortbread cookies are decorated by hand with royal icing. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Lemon Shortbread and Maple Glazed Walnut Shortbread: Simple, pleasing variations of our buttery classic shortbread.  $8 per package

 cupcakes-for-Eastervanilla cupcakes 

Other Sweets

Cupcakes: Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes decorated with festive pastel buttercream or our rich sour cream fudge frosting with spring flower toppers.  $3 each
Carrot Cake: Our take on the wholesome classic which we ice in cream cheese frosting and garnish with toasted coconut. Available in 6″ ($35) & 8″ ($45) sizes.
Chocolate Egg Bark
Cherry Cheesecake Squares